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Sunday, December 19, 2010


We present to you Mosaic2newsletter.blogspot.com. Our inspiration comes from MSN and the World Wide Web in general. When you want to learn the first place most individuals look to is the internet. We use the internet to gain information for a variety of different subjects and things from planting, all the way to how to make a prototype gas powered go-kart. Our intended effect on our viewers is to educate. We wanted our viewers to grasp a small glimmer of the information that we experienced during our time in mosaics 2. The website is separated into a home, a page dedicated to Iliad, a page dedicated to Jenner and a page dedicated to Machiavelli. We have included pictures which we felt relevant to the text as well as articles which help our viewers grasp a better understanding of our thought process. I created the website through blogger which is a free hosting website that beginner website designers can use to create informational pages in an effort to express their opinions in reference to said context.

De Waal Good natured Blog 13

By Chino Onwuka
I feel like De Waals theory that animal behavior suggesting morality and kindness is the evolutionary start to morality in humans is just that a theory. I am not going to say it’s wrong because at the end of the day humanities morality had to come from somewhere. It makes more sense than our original conventional beliefs those religious institutions- not religion- is the grounds for why we are good. As of the wall as it might seem at first, His work helps us to better understand both the likenesses and differences among the behaviors of humans, and chimpanzees, gorillas, bonobos, and various kinds monkeys. It is important for us to know if of our intricate behaviors are determined when we are born. De Waal states that this knowledge can help us to know which, if any, features of present day society can be changed or if we just have to learn to cope with. I think this can potentially be a gateway to finding out such things as if certain individuals are born criminals or not. De Waals makes a lot of good points in his comparison with primates but I think that more research has to be done before we decide whether or not we can make the claim that morality is inbred.

empathy De waal

De Waal speaks about the evolution of empathy and the origins, In this video.